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Tobias Dorzon

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Matthew Price

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Long before he began making a name for himself as a chef, Tobias had aspirations of becoming a football player. He attended Jackson State University in Mississippi with an athletic scholarship and competed in the National Football League for the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He eventually retired from football in 2012 and decided to pursue his passion for cooking full-time. 
He enrolled in the Culinary School at the Art Institute of Washington as well as studied abroad in Sicily where he refined his skills and came back to the states to launch his new career.
10 years later Chef Tobias Dorzon is currently, the executive chef of Thirteen
, a Houston-based fine-dining restaurant owned by NBA All-Star James Harden, and has developed a successful reputation leading him to cook for countless celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart.

It doesn't stop there though, like anyone with a mindset of a competitive athlete, there's always more you can do.
Chef Dorzon has made several appearances on TV Shows like Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games, a cooking game show hosted by Flavortown Ambassador 
Guy Fieri where he won four times and as of March 2022,  is a contestant on Season 3 of another Fieri show called Tournament of Champions.



"What makes this tour so special, is that I was able to develop a phenomenal personal and culinary relationship with my good friend Chef Matt aka "Mr. Make It Happen" during this process. His determination and drive to be great are just a couple of reasons why I wanted to curate this experience with him. This tour brings two amazing culinary talents from two different worlds, into one kitchen to create magic...and to ensure that Everybody Eats!

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Chef Matthew Price, better known as "Mr. Make It Happen", did not grow up with dreams to be a culinary chef. When his dad tried teaching him in his youth, he had zero interest in what was going on in the kitchen.
Like most of us, as we get older we gain more independence and one of those major milestones is learning how to cook yourself. This is when Chef Matt's passion for cooking started to progress. By the time he was in his early 20's, he developed a reputation amongst his friends as the "go-to guy" in the kitchen or behind the grill. 
With each meal created in the kitchen, his love for the culinary world was deepened not only due to the delicious recipes but because of the reactions that people gave when they tasted his dishes. 
It was that desire for people to taste the dishes he created that led him to create his own YouTube Channel which now has over 430,000 subscribers where he posts recipe How-To's and hosts paid LIVE weekly cooking classes where anyone can sign up online and cook along with him every Thursday!
Chef Matt has been extremely successful in his business ventures since the launch of his channel creating his very own All-Purpose Seasoning (which has a Hot version as well), selling his branded digital food thermometers, and even merchandise with his signature saying "Looking Good". 


“The kitchen is my happy place, and I’m thrilled to finally share some of my creations with my supporters in an intimate and upscale setting. I’m excited to meet and interact with the people that make all of this possible and cook with my good friend and fellow chef, Tobias Dorzon. Watching him continue to kill it in his restaurants and on TV has been inspiring. Having both of us in the kitchen is really going to bring people the best of both worlds.”

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